For those looking for a deadlift training cycle to follow, I thought I would post what I will be following for the next several weeks.

Deadlift Training Cycle Template

(If anyone wants to give it a try)

My plan is to work my raw sumo DL with a mixed hook grip, and increase the weight to improve my technique and pain tolerance with the new grip.

I also have included rack pulls and double overhand Stifflegged Deadlifts (SLDL) in order to work three other weak points that I have targeted:

  • Grip: Double overhand SLDL will emphasize this. I will also be doing the rack pulls with a mixed grip to build grip strength.
  • Erectors: The stifflegs will tax my erectors, which should also carry over well to squat.
  • Lockout: I usually get stuck right at the top of my missed deadlift attempts, which is when my grip fades.

My assistance will be shrugs almost every week. This will also work my grip. I am going to alternate high and low rep days for shrugs. I will also rotate in double-overhand shrugs for some more grip work.
When I feel like it, I will additionally throw in some rowing.

If you give it a try, let me know how it goes,

Clint Smith