There was a question this morning about the difference between programming, being a trainer, and coaching. I laughed a bit at this as there was a post about, "Getting a Certification 1 as a CrossFit instructor doesn't make you a coach."

Getting a certification anything doesn't make you a coach. It makes you certified by what ever organization is getting the money.

Here was my answer:

Well, what you see on the board is the session for today. I wrote a program, based on where we are today. I didn't write it last night before 5:00 PM while imbibing or smoking dope (not insinuating anything!). I didn't dream up the progression on a whim. But, that doesn't make me a trainer or a coach. It makes me a programmer. As I stand here before you, implementing this particular program, making sure your form is correct, and encouraging you while you are doing this program for today makes me a trainer.

Later, when I think about your performances, when I am home, I change the things that make our relationship stronger and your lifts better (or performances). I take into account all the mentoring that goes on outside our athletic arena, THEN, I become a COACH!

You see, you don't just get called coach as a title. It is something that is earned through effort BEYOND the event(s). Coach equates to mentor. Coach is caring beyond the pay grade.

My measured success is how satisfied you are with your gains, performances, and overall empowerment of my program. My success is based on your success, not on how many follow me or how much dinero I make. My success as a COACH is based on YOU becoming one, if you need to be.