“Sometimes you have to eat shit, but you don’t have to swallow it.” — Thomas Leedham

Most talk to talk. In contrary, few speak and are heard.

“If you ever come between me and my children, you will lose. Every time.” — Thomas Leedham

In these delicate moments between the speaker and the listener, meaning, resolve, query, insight, and innovation intertwine with truth, empowerment, fuel, intensity, positivity, guidance, and enlightenment. Time is of the essence.

Sheena and her father, Thomas Leedham.

“You’re stronger than you realize, but you need to get stronger.” — Shelby Starnes

Camaraderie between the two is brilliant. They share roles, they take turns. When she can only give 40 percent, he gives 60 percent. When he can only give 30 percent, she pulls out the remaining 70 percent. They protect each other at all costs, no matter what.

“Being able to communicate is key to creating, networking, and helping others become part of whatever your cause is. I have no doubt you can make this happen.” — Steve Colescott

He believes in her as much as she believes in him. Language as the vehicle, lessons are to be learned, work is to be done, each other’s purpose to be sought after and fulfilled.

“It’s all about having the education and knowing how to present yourself. You do this by knowing the right people.” — Fadi Nona

Much like a dinner party, his words are inviting, introduce opportunity, and give direction. She has no choice but to mingle with those surrounding her, stand her ground, and swap business cards.

“Shimmering Sheena Fo Shizzle Shatters PRs”— Shelby Starnes

Shelby Starnes, Sheena, and Fadi Nona at Detroit's Powerhouse.

To her surprise, in mild conditions, midst the storm, and after the storm, he remains calm. When others panic and hide for cover, he is visible, provides comfort, and makes light of the current situation.

“If you are intellectually curious, writing is just sharing your investigation into a topic.” — Steve Colescott

As a means to creatively construct voice, provoke thought, and spur application, she takes note of life. He is present throughout the pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing process.

“It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.” — Thomas Leedham

In unison—a father, mentor, friend, and coach amplify words of wisdom. In print or sound, unfazed by writer’s block, the strength and will to explore and embrace life’s ride are exchanged and speak volumes.