My plan was to hit an 800-pound deadlift at the Learn to Train (LTT) 7. At the last two LTT seminars, I missed 810 pounds and 830 pounds. So at this LTT, it had to go (800) and it did, much faster and much more easily than it had in the past. Prior to being ten weeks out, I had just hit straight Mountain Dog training without a lot of pulling. I didn’t do anything over 405 pounds.

So at ten weeks out, I switched things up a bit, hitting my core lifts and then going into my high volume Mountain Dog training for my accessory stuff. It seemed to work out great. I got in my Metal Jack deadlift suit once prior to this LTT and that seemed to work out just fine as well. I’m comfortable in my deadlift suit and I know what I can get out of it.

Here is my ten-week deadlift programming prior to the LTT:

  • 8/27/13:Mountain Dog back work, no pulling
  • 9/03/13: Mountain Dog back work, no pulling
  • 9/10/13: Raw work; worked up to 600 X 2 (below)