“How do I improve my pullup reps?”

Mike is using the 5/3/1 system and currently can do 4 pulllups. This method will have him doing more pullups quickly.

Do pullups between all of your main exercise sets each day. You can also do them on assistance exercise sets.

*Note: All pullups have a hard 1/1000 hold at the top. Try and pull your chest through the bar.

Cycle One

  • 5 week- 2 pullups
  • 3 week- 3 pullups
  • 5/3/1 week- 4 pullups- Skip on the main lift, and only do them for your assistance work sets.
  • Deload week- 2 pullups- Do a few sets to near failure with no static hold for one assistance exercise.

Cycle Two

Re-evaluate how many you can do. You determined this on the deload week in the AMAP sets of pullups. Let's say you were able to do a set of 7 pullups, start the next cycle like this:

  • 5 week- 4 pullups
  • 3 week- 5 pullups
  • 5/3/1 week- Same as before only on assistance, do 6 pullups and re-test on one day.

I am sure this will work. We have found that using static holds improves your ability to do pullups.

Good luck and keep the questions coming!