This is a fast and simple article. No hype, just an awesome exercise that I use all the time.

The movement is a banded scarecrow.

Why is it cool?

It activates, mobilizes, stabilizes and makes you feel amazing. The only way this movement could be better is if you substituted the band with bacon.

Activates: external rotators (infraspinatus, teres Minor), low traps, rhomboids, posterior delts

Mobilizes: pecs, shoulders

Dynamic Stability: humeroscapular rhythm

How to Perform

You can perform the movement standing or lying face down on the incline bench. I prefer standing because of the static engagement of the spinal erectors, glutes and hamstrings.

You should grab the band narrower than shoulder width and pull it apart to keep tension on the lats throughout the movement – try to keep your arms in a "field goal" position. Start with a shoulder retraction and then row the band to the chest. Remember to keep tension on the band by pulling it apart.  From there, you externally rotate and press overhead. You want to try and keep the pressing path in-line with the torso.

You can superset this with some foam rolling of the pecs, lats and upper back and/or some t-bar shrugs and face pulls – there are tons of combinations you can do.

Can I Do This Without Bands?

Of course, as you progress, you can use dumbbells for greater strength and activation.  But I always throw these in as a precursor/preparatory movement and  because I feel a greater stretch in the shoulders and chest.


A good volume for banded scarecrows is 1-3 sets x 10-12 reps.