Is there a performance difference between the econo Prowler® (E-Series) and the triangle-shaped ones (sorry)? I am ordering one soon. I wish money was not an issue, but unfortunately it is. Performance is my Number One concern here, so please give it to me straight.

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I have a few of both style at TPS, and there is no difference in performance as far as functionality for pushes, sprints, etc. between the two.

The Prowler: E-Series Prowler® bolts together and only has one set of low handles.

The original Prowler® is welded and is a little more heavy duty. I have an original one from when they first came out on the site—Wendler called me demanding a credit card number because I needed this new thing. And I'm glad I gave it to him. I think this was around seven to eight years ago and it's still going. Our stuff gets abused daily, but the only thing we have had to have done is to get new skids welded on the old one because it gets used outside. The original style didn't have Prowler® Replacement Skis, so we take it to a shop.

On the E-Series one we need to tighten the bolts occasionally. Other than that, neither will fail you and they are both excellent. Buy the one you can afford.

I can't give it to you more straight than that.

- Murph



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