Your favorite lifters probably have some secrets of their own when it comes to tweaking their gear for the biggest pop. After all, they've hit some crazy numbers, so they must be doing something right!

Matt Rhodes

Squat Suit: I cut the bottom hem off the briefs and cut a little slit in the side of the suit. I find it much easier to open my knees when I'm in the hole.
Shirt: I cut the bottom inch off of the Ace shirt sleeve.

Jo Jordan

Bench: I twist the sleeves on my Bash for more support at the elbows and help at the lockout.

Charles Bailey

Squat: I usually get them two sizes smaller than I need to allow for stretching. I also shorten the straps two inches.
Bench: I twist my single ply bash sleeve clockwise - it allows for stopping power and lots of rebound.

Julia Ladewski

Bench: I fold the material behind the tricep.

Brian Schwab

Squat: I just make sure that both my briefs and suit are up as high as possible to make me more likely to hit depth. I actually put the straps pretty loose, almost falling off, to make it easier to hit depth as well.
Bench: I pull the shirt on as far as I can into the armpits and pull the collar down as low as possible, before even securing the Velcro in the back. Before each set, I pull the shirt all the way on again, pull the collar down from the top, then the bottom, lock it in with the belt, and then re-set the shoulders.
Deadlift: I make sure the suit is all the way up and crank the straps as tight as possible before beginning the pull.

Marc Bartley

Squat: On my Ace Briefs, I cut off 2.5 to 3 inches, so they don't get caught on the suit and pull me over on the way down.

Chad Aichs

Bench: I wear my shirt very loose and try to pull the arms down, so I get a push against them when at the bottom of the press.

Jeremy Frey

Squat: I find briefs that fit my legs and get a hip measurement. Typically I wear a 52 leg with a 46 brief. Find a suit/brief that fits your legs, then get the hips taken in.

Joey Smith

Bench: I twist the sleeves when attempting a one-rep max, to help get more support and power with the tris. I wet the shirt collar to help to touch. I pooch the shirt at the belly area after putting on my belt, so the shirt will not lock up so hard at the bottom. I also roll my sleeves up once maybe twice to get even more lock-out power.

Josh McMillan

Bench: I cut the sleeves up to where they just about cover my elbows, before I get it pulled on.
Squat: I had the hips and upper thigh taken in a bit.