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Kenny Patterson: As a bench press specialist I train somewhat different
from the other members of the Westside Barbell Club. The following is a
sample of how my training is broken down:

Sunday – Speed benches. I do nine sets of triples using three different
grips. The last three sets all being done with the same grip ( competition
grip ). That was 66% of my sets are done inside the ring emphasizing a bit
more triceps. I use three different weights during my speed sets. The
first three sets are done with 48% of my competition max
( with a bench shirt ). The next three sets are done with 50% of my max,
and the last three sets are done with 52% of my competition max. Leading up
to the Daytona meet when I benched 701 weighing 238 I used 335, 350, and 365
for my sets. Immediately after my speed sets I go into a heavy triceps
movement, usually a triceps extension using dumbbells or a JM press.
Whatever exercise I choose to do I do it with heavy weights. I work up to
a set of five in the JM press, in the dumbbell extensions I will do 3-4
sets of 8-12 reps depending on the weight that I’m using. My weights on
extension varies from 85 lbs up to 125 lbs depending on how far out from a
meet I am. After triceps work I like to do some type of shoulder movement
usually side lateral or front delt work. These are all done by feel,
depending on how my shoulders feel from the previous bench workout. To
finish up my Sunday workout I do abdominal work.

Monday – On Monday while all my training partners are doing exercises to
increase their dead lifts I return to work on my upper back and lats. I
like to do several different types of pull downs on the lat machine. I
usually start with the straight bar for 3 or 4 sets and then change to the V
handle for another 3 or 4 sets. Sometimes I like to do some with a reverse
grip ( on the straight bar ), this seems to work the lower lats a little
more. I also like to do heavy one armed rows with a dumbbell. After my lat
work is complete I like to do bicep curls. I feel this helps when lowering
the bar while benching. My bicep work is done mostly with dumbbells because
I find it hard to turn my hands over to grab a straight bar. I use all
different movements from alternate curls, to concentration curls, to
reverse curls. And as on Sunday I finish with abdominal work.

Wednesday – Max Effort Bench. On max effort day I choose one of Westside
“ Special Exercises”. The Floor press, board press, reverse band press,
rack press, wide grip benches, etc. All of these special exercises can be
done with just bar weight or can have chains, or bands incorporated into
them to work on certain points of the bench. Which ever exercise I choose I
work up to a heavy single ( hopefully a record ). On this day you only do
one special exercise, don’t try and do two or more of these in one day.
After my main exercise I like to do triceps work, unless I’m getting close
to a meet and then I like to work into a heavy overhead press in the power
rack. These are done just like a bench press pin lockout, but they are done
overhead. After the overhead press I then go to triceps work. Which is
actually done just like it is on Sundays. There are several exercises that
I use for triceps work but dumbbell extensions and JM presses are probably
my two favorite.

Thursday - On this day I like to work my upper back and lats again. The
next training day for most Westside members would be Friday but I like to
train my back on Thursday because it gives me an extra day to rest before my
speed benches. On Thursday I like to use the assisted pull up machine
because I am weak in this exercise and I feel that by strengthening that
movement my bench will be that much better. I then move to the Hammer
Strength back machine. This machine is one of my favorites because each
side moves independently and allows you to get a greater range of motion and
contraction of your lats. I also like to do low rows on this day to once
again work the lower part of my lats. I use a wide variety of lat movements
on both Monday and Thursday, the ones I have listed are some of my favorites
I like to rely on. After back work is done I do bicep work again, trying to
do different movements than the ones used on Monday. I like to do a lot of
reverse curl movements to strengthen the forearms. I feel this helps when
handling heavy weights. And once again I finish with abdominal work and
call it a day.

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