Running the Orlando Barbell APF/AAPF Florida State Meet

Here are some of the people that made our Orlando Barbell APF/AAPF Florida State Meet, our most efficiently run meet yet: Melanie Flesh, James Sevick, Paulo Sevick, Me, Trinity, Brett Brown, Trevor Cochran, John Hallman, Charlie Merrit, Dave Luce, Amy Hartman, Daniel Tinajero, Nate Archibald, Sam Wahnish, Brian Tincher, Felicia Cobaugh, Rick Lawrence, Felicia's sister, Missy King's baby whose name I'm told is Magnus, Dale Lance, Toby Cobaugh (missing: Greg Godwin, Rich Hayes, and Ronnie Paras who were already loading the truck. John Land, Our expert back spotters Chris Scott and Matt Smith, Nate's girlfriend Madeline. Greg Norris, Jeff Sevor, and Larry Grant competed and didn't make it in the picture). Thank you to Eddie Fitzpatrick for making the trip to judge and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Thank you to Al Reiss of Calvert Holdings, and Chales Meritt, debt collector of legal recovery for sponsoring our event. Thank you also to, Brian Burritt of House of Pain, for providing bags and supplements for the best lifters and Rick Murray of Ampedfx for taking pictures.

This was by far our most efficiently run meet yet. We had Kieran's “meet in a box” as we called it, that Rick Lawrence was nice enough to drive over from Tampa. It literally had everything you could possibly need for a meet in it. The meet started early as planned and was done by 4PM. We kicked things up a notch by giving away cash prizes. The equipped Open Men won $250 for first place, $150 for second, and $75 for third and the equipped Open Women overall winner won $100. We also live-streamed the event on


  • Allison Rouse won Best Female Raw Lifter in her first meet with 500 at 165.
  • Orlando Barbell's own Amy Hartman didn't quite have the day she wanted but ended up with a 902 total at SHW and will be breaking records soon.
  • Tom Mahoney won Masters Best Lifter with 1848 at 308.
  • Thomas Kroning won Best Raw Lifter with 1512 at 198.

Look for our next one (the APF/AAPF Southern States) to be towards the end October as usual.

The Champs

Here's Hillbilly Power, the Team Champions:
  • Jordan Masters won Best Junior Female Lifter and $100 with an 803 total at 165
  • John Kirkpatrick won the Masters 40-44 242 with 1661
  • Josh Morris won Best Lifter and $250 with 2128 at 242
  • Team Coach Toby Irby had a rough day and was unable to make it through the squats but I'm sure will be back soon
  • Robert Mann won the Open 242s with 1897 and $150 with second place overall
  • Michael Jordan won the Open 148s with 1347 good for third place overall and $75