Quick and Easy Client Assessment/Warm Up

I’ve read mixed reviews from many different coaches and trainers on how to assess your clients. Some say that you should take a new client through a series of tests and movements in order to determine his strengths and weaknesses while others say that they don’t have time for assessments because they train groups or don’t do one-on-ones. Well, what if you could use your warm up as an assessment for all your new clients so that you don’t lose track of your groups and also get a baseline of strength? Interested yet?

I know most elitefts™ readers are believers in the products sold on this site, so I figured almost everyone here should have a few bands. Here’s how you can use your mini-band and double it up as a warm-up.

All exercises are performed for ten reps. Make sure you really focus on technique. This is just what we use. You can add or subtract any movements that will meet your needs. Most new clients will be very awkward with just this little bit of tension/pressure applied by the band. We have successfully used this warm up/assessment with all our athletes (all sports) as well as with our military, fire and law enforcement clients for over three years.

Let us know how this helps you and your clients. Get strong!