In this short article, I'll show you a technique for overloading lat pull downs on the cable machine. Once you reach the end of the stack and you’re able to bang out some pretty decent reps, you’ll want to add some weight.

I’ve seen setups where the lifter will get an extra long pin and hang weights off the face of the stack or even a spotter pushing against the stack to make it heavier on the pull (followed by a slow negative).

Here is the simple technique with Elite bands that you can setup fast to help you add some more weight to the movement.

Loop the band over the top of the support arm and around each side around the bar you are using. That's it - fast and simple. Obviously you can use different tension bands for the setup depending upon how strong you are. In the video you can see I used a mini-band.

You’ll also notice the first setup I used with the band didn’t offer enough tension and the band came off tension too much at the top of the movement.

With the second setup, the band stayed on tension longer.

I’ve also used this same band setup for movements like seated rows, curls and tricep extensions. We’ve even added Fat Gripz on the bar for added difficulty.

Try out the setup and let us know what you think in the comments below.