People ask me all the time if my kids workout.

Do they train with you? What exercises do you have them do?

Guess what?

I don't make them do anything. They play, run around, and choose their own games and activities. The other day, my son wanted to practice his chin-ups, on his own doing. Kids, as we know, aren't playing like we used to when we were kids. They have phones and iPods, iPads and video games. PE is pretty generic and is minimal (once or twice a week for only a semester).

We need to just give our kids stuff to figure out on their own. My six-year-old daughter is figuring out how to jump rope on her own (I've seen teenagers that can't jump rope). She also figured out how to do a Skip-It (remember those?).

My four-year-old son is a beast with a tennis ball and a bat... the kid can HIT. He figured out how to hoola-hoop on his own. He comes up with his own basketball games, throwing games, and jumping games.

Just by giving them the opportunity. I'm not saying that we are perfect parents and our kids are the perfect examples of what youngsters should be doing, but we give them the opportunity to make up their own games and "free play". —Julia Ladewski

After a few attempts of chin-ups, he was off jumping on plyo boxes, kicking a soccer ball and whacking his sister with a foam roller...

Someday I will…

Someday I will have scar tissue on my upper back.

Someday I will use a real barbell.

Someday I will give all I have and find more.

Someday I will learn from my mistakes.

Someday I will know the different between hurt and pain.

Someday I will constantly love the feel of steel in my hands.

Someday I will want to quit – and not.

Someday I will have to dig deep.

Someday I will deadlift more than my dad.

Someday I will do the impossible.

That day starts today…

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