The field of women's fitness is rapidly evolving. In the grand scheme of bodybuilding judging, women's figure has transformed more than any other competition. IFBB Pro Jennifer Cordovez, representing Quest Nutrition, sat down with elitefts™ Senior Content Editor Steve Colescott to discuss her experience in training and competing.

In this video, they discuss:

  • How did Jennifer become involved in training? (0:23)
  • How did Jennifer’s athletic background in martial arts help her training? (0:56)
  • Jennifer’s competitive background (1:18)
  • How have changes in women’s judging affected Jennifer’s training? (1:58)
  • What are Jennifer’s best body parts and how will she bring up her weak ones? (2:36)
  • Who does Jennifer’s training and programming? (3:30)
  • How does Jennifer alter volume and weight to increase muscle mass? (4:22)
  • Frequency and split of programming (5:10)
  • Jennifer’s nutrition program with Shelby Starnes (5:52)
  • Transitioning to pre-competition dieting (7:34)
  • When does dieting become difficult? (8:34)
  • What motivates Jennifer? (9:42)
  • Goals for the future and working with Shelby (11:00)