Hey Zane, thanks for posting your diet!

This is where I get lost. I mean, everyone just says that if you want to be big like us, "eat more". But I've spent a year consistently eating WAY more than that and topped out at a lifetime high of 175 pounds.

I ate with you guys at the last LTT and sat next to Marshall. He ate very little and said he doesn't eat much at all. I can't imagine, because if I only eat three big meals a day, I'll drop below 160 pounds at 6'1''.

My best friend is 230 pounds. We were roommates in college, and I ate drastically more than him day in and day out. He was always just a big guy, and he didn't have to eat to be big.

I guess I'm just complaining, ha ha! No real question except that, as you grow, in theory, you should require more calories. But I've had a 230-pound workout partner and a 280-pound workout partner for long periods of time, and we always ate together. I always ate more or equal in daily and weekly calories, and I've always weighed below 175.


I’m glad you sent me this. I was the same way as you for a loooong time. I graduated high school around 150-160 pounds. I fought like a MFer to gain weight, and just like you, I was supremely frustrated by guys that weighed 220-230+ pounds and ate half the food I did. It took some serious dedication to gain the weight, but now it stays on much easier. God dealt us a metabolism that’s fit for an endurance athlete, not someone big and strong. You just have to decide that you’re not going to accept it.

What I posted the other day was a typical off day. On a training day, I have 1 more meal (I’ll post some of those as well). But I used to eat much more than that every day. Here’s what it looked like when I was making my way to 200 pounds for the first time:

As you can see there was a ton of dairy and meat. My goal was a minimum of 5,000 calories per day, but 6,000 when I could, and I was never ever not full. Most of the time, after my post training meal (not the shake) I was so full I’d be nauseous and have to lay down.

This took me from 160 pounds-ish to 200 pounds in about one year. I didn’t drink, I didn’t party, and I never ever skipped a meal. If I was too full to eat, I would pound a protein shake or a shit load of egg whites.

It can be done, trust me when I say that I’m living proof. My doctor told me I’d never weigh over 180 pounds because of my fast metabolism… now I walk around at 235-240 pounds comfortably.

Consistency is the key,

Zane Geeting

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What does your current diet look like? I see you are back near 250 lbs. again. How far do you want to go up?


Yeah, I am back close to 250 right now, couple pounds away. I would like to get back to 265 or so, but we will see.

Here is what my day looked like yesterday to give an example:

Good luck,

Josh McMillan