Through the years, people have often been amazed by my recuperative abilities after injuries. Now with more involvement with social media, people can see this process happen in real time. Last month while doing an 860-pound squat, I felt some tearing take place in my upper VL (vastus lateralis) in my leg. It wasn’t a major tear, but my quad swelled up at least an inch and there was some bruising. I was unable to perform a simple bodyweight squat to depth. In the next few weeks I posted updates of my progress, and within two weeks time I was back to squatting 860 pounds.

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People wanted to know what the"‘secret" was to this process. There is no secret or simple single technique. It's an overall philosophy and understanding of how the different tools and phases of rehab should take place. There is also a hell of a lot of regular work and a high level of discipline needed, as well as a self-awareness of pain, where you’re at in the recovery process, and control of your ego.

In the following video, I discuss my philosophy and approach, and how I use the tools and appropriate methods to consistently realize these results.

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