Last weekend, three of our team members represented Team elitefts™ on the stage. Julia Ladewski and Shelby Starnes competed in Chicago at the Wings of Strength, Julia in in the NPC/Amateur Physique division and Shelby in the IFBB 212 division, while John Meadows took on the NPC Universe Championships in Teaneck, New Jersey. Though the competition was great, all three competitors wowed the audience and showed great improvement.

Ladewski placed second out of five women in the Open Women’s Physique, while Starnes ended up in the second call-out and placed 10th out of 19 competitors in the 212 division. Both teammates looked great and say they were satisfied with their placement. “That [10th] probably doesn't sound spectacular to most, but it was a good improvement over last year for me and I was pleased with it.” Starnes said. He hit the stage ten pounds heavier this year than last, without sacrificing his condition. His work with a posing coach also improved his performance and helped him better present the physique he has built.

To compare: last year Starnes was in the third of three call-outs. This year he was in the second call-out, out of four. Starnes plans to compete sometime next year and adding muscle in the meantime.

Julia Ladewski competed against five other competitors this weekend and started off second from the end. She got moved to the end after quarter turns, but after hitting the front bicep, back double-bicep, tricep, chest, and ab/thigh, she was moved back towards the middle. She returned for the finals, did a minute-long routine and captured second place. Like Julia, first place winner Dawn Romanesco is a client of elitefts™ Advisor John Meadows.

“[Dawn], like me, also has no large intestine, so we are bonded through our unique digestive systems!” Meadows said.

Meadows himself put on a great performance at the NPC Universe Championships and placed sixth in the Heavyweight Masters Division. Though he was looking to capture First Place, Meadows knew it wasn’t in the cards. “I did everything I could and have no issues with how I looked at all, but I am not going to win this one,” Meadows said. However, the continued improvement of Meadows and all of his clients has remained steady and recognizable in many of the competitions that transpired last weekend.

Meadows will compete again Friday, July 18 in the 2014 NPC Teen, Collegiate & Masters National Championships.