For about a year now, I have been toying with some of the stuff I used to do when all I wanted to do was get strong. These movements, in combination with what I’ve learned over the last couple of years with Meadows and some of what I know already works for me, are tied together in a structured periodization fashion so I can still go bat-shit crazy without tearing myself apart. Think of it as a mix of Mountain Dog and Westside with a twist that personalizes it for me. There are some things where I’d like to build my strength back up and other areas I want to build my body back up, but above all else, I do not want to do anything that will f**k me up any more than I already am.

There will not be a “method” or “eBook” to document this. Just follow along and watch how a beat up meathead can't let go of training hard. I've been this way since I first walked into the gym, so why change it now?

Lying elitefts™ Swiss Angle Grip™ Press Bar JM Press with Chains

NOTE: While the Swiss Angle Grip Press Bar was built for the reverse grip bench press, I have found it's also great for rows, curls, front raises and JM Presses. It's use for the JM press is excellent because it puts me in the exact position I want to be in at the bottom of the lift: my wrists are slightly behind my elbows. In this position, when I begin the lift, my triceps initiate the movement instead of my chest. The chains are a great addition to this because it decreases the weight at the bottom of the motion, taking much of the stress off the elbows and increasing stress on the triceps.

The way I do this movement is to slowly work up using the bar and then using 20 to 30-pound jumps until I get to a weight I think I could hit for 12-15 reps.

At this point, I will start hitting sets of 5-8 while adding one chain per side. Once I get to a weight I do not think I can add one more chain per side, I will stay with it for three sets.

Chain Tricep Extensions

Hook two chains to a cable stand and do lying extensions with your elbows pointing back instead of up.

4 sets x 12-17 (to failure)

Tricep Pushdowns w/ elitefts™ Heavy Duty Teardrop Straps

I use the Teardrop Strap because with your typical pushdown strap, you cannot get a full contraction at the bottom. The lower handle on this strap allows for that full contraction, while the upper handle can work the upper portion of the movement and work the area where the bicep gets in the way.

4 sets to failure

Seated Dips

For this one, you want to pick a weight that is about one plate more than what you might actually use for one-arm dips. The difference here is that you will push the handles down with both arms, but “lower” yourself with one arm, alternating right and left between reps. Keep in mind that you should not go too heavy, or else the tempo on the eccentric portion of the lift will be too fast. When you get to a point to where you can no longer do a five-count on the negative, go for as many reps as you can. When you fail there, hit a lockout, let the elbows bend slightly and hold there until you feel your chest activate and then you’re done.

2 five-second eccentric sets

Training this way keeps me from getting any more fucked up. That's what's most important now.

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