elitefts™ Sunday Edition

After five years away from the team, Justin Harris has returned to elitefts™. As we welcomed him back to the site last weekend, he teamed up on-camera with new sponsored bodybuilder Ben Hartman to share his thoughts on the scientific principles behind bodybuilding and human performance. When these two men were given the opportunity to compare their knowledge, they unloaded information so detailed that one interview was simply not enough. These experts are here to stay, and the content is going to keep coming.

In this video, Hartman and Harris discuss the intricacies of peri-workout nutrition in ways that only lifters who are as abundantly educated as the two of them are capable. If it seems difficult to understand, don’t worry — even some of the best bodybuilders in the world struggle to keep up with their insight.

  • Justin’s philosophy on peri-workout nutrition and molecular discussion of dextrins (0:14)
  • Advantages of dextrins over other carbs sources such as waxy maize and starches (3:45)
  • Are the benefits substantial? (5:34)
  • Ben’s peri-workout nutrition and osmolality of carbohydrate solutions (6:59)
  • Where do BCAAs fit in? (9:10)
  • Glycogen use and its relevance to carbohydrate intake (11:02)
  • The end goal: stimulate protein synthesis (12:28)