Dieting sucks for two main reasons: 1) the large amount of time and effort required to prepare foods with specific macronutrients, and 2) the blandness of popular dieting foods. You can prepare chicken and rice hundreds of ways...but it's still chicken and rice.

Holly Joy McCabe's Egg Cups recipe steps over both of these dieting problems. The prep time is short, the calories are clean, and the taste can be altered to keep the food exciting.

Quick Tips for Perfect Egg Cups:

  • Make sure to spray your muffin tin generously with cooking spray.
  • After cooking, let the pan fully cool before removing so the eggs stay intact.
  • Fresh veggies work better than frozen.
  • Only use precooked meats like bacon, sausage etc.
  • You can easily do this same recipe in a cake pan if you want larger portions and quicker prep time.