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The first video ever recorded for elitefts was on an old camera that used VHS tapes and had to be played in a VCR. Most of the time, the video wasn't even worth the trouble of setting up or carrying around the recorder. It was a time before Instagram and daily workout updates flooding social media. No cellphones propped up on a nearby bench to record your squats, and no way to quickly share it with others.

Well, the times have evolved. So have we. But we aren't interested in adding to the collection of iPhone lifting videos you see as you scroll through your newsfeed. We're bringing you quality content. Interviews. Training motivation. Expert instruction. Event coverage. World class gym showcases. Unfiltered Dave (our favorite).

Take a look at the large variety of video content we provide on our channel, and subscribe for notifications every time we upload a new video. Check out the videos and playlists below for a better idea of what we're uploading to our YouTube channel.

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