WATCH: 11athletics ⎯ Athletic Performance Facility

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Just east of downtown Columbus, Ohio, 11athletics is a training facility unlike most that you see in today’s fitness industry. This unique location has some of the best personal trainers in the business who are always accessible to all members at any time. For just $70 per month, members get access to this world-class location that combines a CrossFit, powerlifting, sport-specific, and big box gym atmosphere all wrapped up into one.

Many classes are offered such as Advanced Spinning, Mobility and Muscle Quality, and The Staple for more advanced athletes. Throughout the week, you could be training next to an NFL fullback, NBA star, firefighter, top-level Crossfitter or Powerlifter, or your average soccer mom. So, if you are a resident of Central Ohio or just visiting, make 11athletics the place to be for your fitness needs and wants.


 elitefts Equipment at 11athletics


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