Originally published in March of 2017

In recent years, the original Bamboo Bar has become known as one of the most innovative tools for lifters seeking to rid themselves of shoulder pain. Since its rise to popularity, the Bamboo Bar has produced results for hundreds of lifters who experience pain when pressing, who are going through rehabilitation from surgery, or who simply want to build strength.

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In this video, we talk to Jim Seitzer, the founder of BandBell, most well-known for the Bamboo Bar. Jim share his story of how the idea for the original bar began when he was experiencing intense shoulder pain from his years of heavy lifting for both powerlifting and bodybuilding. After enduring this pain for quite some time, Jim began experimenting with a broomstick and mini bands. He discovered that not only was he able to press without pain, but his shoulder health actually began to improve. Eventually, Jim was back to pressing pain-free and never required the surgery he feared his shoulders would need.

Jim explains that the Bamboo Bar is most well-known as a tool for rehab, functional training, and as a specialized method of strength development. He shows the usual setup that, in his words, gives you "the most kinetic bang for your buck." Recently, however, Jim has developed a new bar, the E-Maxx Bar, and a new way to set up the bands, which reduces the kinetic energy and increases the pump — exactly what bodybuilders want out of the bar. In the new setup, the bands hold two 25-pound plates back to back, and keep the weight closer to the bar. This alters the Oscillating Kinetic Energy and makes the E-Maxx Bar somewhat closer to a steel bar, while still providing the healthful shoulder benefits.

Additionally, Jim further explains the concept of Oscillating Kinetic Energy — the secret to the effectiveness of the BandBell bars. He emphasizes that the Oscillating Kinetic Energy works by forcing the stabilizers and primary movers to work together to complete the set.