WATCH: Clint Darden Teaches How To Fine-Tune the Log Press

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For most individuals familiar with the world of strength the weightlifting term clean conjures images of the Olympic Games. Of seemingly unimposing lifters taking a loaded barbell from the floor overhead with stunning speed. Of calm weightlifters varying in nationality approaching the bar with poise, and then exploding with a fury hard to believe existed prior to that moment. Olympic Weightlifting is amongst the most highly respected and difficult-to-learn strength sports of them all.

Taking from the success of weightlifting, the sport of strongman also has an event that requires competitors lift a loaded bar from the floor to above the head: the log clean and press. And this clean and press isn't easy to learn, either.

The log press is equal parts brute strength and technical mastery, a combination of unique challenges that requires a good competitor learn the skill, develop the strength, and somehow manage to bring both together the day of the competition.

In this video, Clint Darden walks elitefts intern Andrew Triana through the log press and gives him tips on how to improve the fine details of the event. These common mistakes are often what keeps a lifter from taking an event and possibly even the competition title.

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