Steve Goggins will always be remember as the first man to squat over 1100 pounds — but that's not the only thing he's known for. His incredible deadlifting has been a consistent measure of powerlifting success for decades. He has deadlifted well into the 800s in over a dozen meets, including his 881-pound deadlift in a full-power meet and his 900-pound deadlift in the gym.

These videos, pulled from Steve's ongoing coaching log here at, focus on the deadlift. In the first, Steve talks about the importance of staying tight in the deadlift, and explains how misunderstanding this tightness can cause your deadlift to fall apart.

In the second video, Steve discusses how he uses speed pulls. Using voiceover coaching in the video, which shows Steve training with several of his lifters, he explains why and how he performs speed pulls and how you can fit them into a program with planned deloads.

This third and final video focuses on the hook grip and deadlifting with straps. Will hook grip work for you? What is the purpose of it? How can you learn? Should you use straps in training if you're a powerlifter? Steve gives a training plan to learn the hook grip over time and explains how it can help your deadlift.