In the first two parts of his presentation at the 2017 elitefts Sports Performance Summit, Dr. Eric Serrano covered how to eat for gaining size, the problem with excessive consumption of whey-based protein shakes, and nutrition and supplementation for fat loss. In this video, part three, Dr. Serrano turns his focus to general advice for reaching dietary goals, factors that explain person-to-person variance in dieting success, and questions from the audience.

To begin, Dr. Serrano turns to one of the most important slides of his presentation. What really works:

  • Only 15 grams of carbohydrates
  • Protein is more important depending on source (complete amino acids)
  • Fats
  • Timing

He discusses the bodily needs of carbohydrates for training and points out again that most individuals don't need nearly as much as they believe they do. Additionally, he discusses the different effects of protein sources, as well as dietary fats and the timing of macronutrient consumption.

WATCH: Dr. Eric Serrano SPS Presentation — Eating for Size and the Problem with Protein Shakes

Dr. Serrano then lists the variety of genetic and lifestyle factors—both temporary and permanent—that determine the optimal diet for an individual. This includes factors outside of the individual's control, such as race and gender, as well as factors that are within a person's control, such as economic condition, location, or religion. Dr. Serrano explains how each of these factors impacts the way that a person should diet to produce the best results. In pursuing these results, Dr. Serrano also advises using goal-setting techniques such as the SMARTER acronym.

To finish his presentation, Dr. Serrano opens the floor for a Q&A, engaging directly with attendees of the event. He answers questions about creatine supplementation, how he recommends changing food sources and macronutrients on a two-week rotating basis, diabetes and insulin, and fat sources.

By the minute:

  • (0:32) What really works
  • (2:45) Factors that determine diet
  • (5:53) SMARTER work for goals
  • (6:28) If you consume enough creatine from food, will supplementing make a difference?
  • (8:03) How should you change macronutrients and food every two weeks?
  • (10:37) How does Type I diabetes and insulin use impact training?
  • (11:30) How important is it to rotate your fat sources for hypertrophy?