For this equipment feature video, Mike Bartos introduces the PR Platform, a multi-purpose deadlift training platform with many uses, including band and reverse band setups, "stacked bands", rack pulls, and standard deadlifting. First, Bartos shows the setup of the bands for over-the-bar use, for which there are five different positions. The lowest position is most similar to a traditional band setup for the deadlift and gives a standard amount of tension. As you work up from the floor, there are additional band pegs at varying heights, beginning at two inches above the bar and ranging all the way up to 25 inches from the ground.

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In addition to bands placed over the bar, the PR Platform also has four different reverse band options and a front band hook to provide forward tension if desired. Using short bands, Bartos shows the setup of placing a band on the third peg from the bottom, with the bar also placed on pins. This results in band tension hitting the bar about two inches above the initial pull. He also shows the front band setup and explains how it forces a lifter to work harder to lock everything into position. In addition to the many band options, there are seven different positions to perform rack pulls, also beginning at two inches from the ground and increasing in two-inch increments until reaching the top height of 24 inches from the ground. Bartos then shows the Russian Deadlift Attachment, which can go through any of the seven holes on the back upright. To use this, simply grab the attachment, slide it in, and lock it in place with nuts that are provided with the attachment. This enables you to step into the platform and keep your calves against the bar the entire time, forcing a more vertical shin angle and putting additional stress on the hamstrings.

Bartos also explains that one of the advantages of this platform is that you're not limited to just the lowest setting of band tension. You can use additional bands and vary resistance as you travel up through the range of motion, adding the capability to directly target your weakness with bands. If you're weakest directly below your knee, you can setup the bands so that you get an abrupt load exactly where you're weakest. Bartos calls this "stacked band", with which there is tension at the bottom and then an abrupt additional loading at the weakest position.

About the Product:

The world’s best deadlift and multipurpose PR-annihilating band training platform.

  • Total Dimensions: 51" x 27" x 24"
  • Five positions bands over bar
  • Four positions reverse band
  • Single front band attachments (short bands work best)
  • Seven heights for rack pulls
  • Russian Deadlift Attachment
  • Allows for “stacked bands” to allow large abrupt loads with multiple bands of varying heights
  • Easily target sticking points with multiple band height options
  • Ideal for isometrics against bands and pins
  • Wide base accommodates sumo and conventional deadlifters.
  • Great for rows, overhead pressing and assistance exercises.
  • Very easy to move and transport.
  • Opens up dozens of new training options for the committed lifter that has analyzed their specific weaknesses and is ready to correct them.
  • 100% American made
  • Patent-pending design

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