We have good news for those of you who missed the Jim Wendler Open UGSS: we captured a portion of his speech on video to share with you here. Prior to hosting an open Q&A with attendees at the event, Jim gave a presentation on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and the current training work he is doing for high school football players. During his introduction to this presentation, Jim spoke on a number of topics, including when to introduce a barbell, his general training philosophy of balance, and training and nutrition trends.

This video is Jim's full 20-minute introduction to his presentation.

Some of the highlights: 

"You may not like me very much, but you can't deny that I love what I do and I've worked very hard just like much of you have."

"When I was in junior high and high school, all I really wanted to do was lift weights and read and write. Everyone always told me 'your'e never going to do anything with that.' It's nice to throw some sand in those fucker's faces."

"I've still got a chip on my shoulder no matter what I do. I always feel like the worlds' against me. It can get tiring sometimes but I think that's really helped me."

"If you can't coach a barbell squat, just don't barbell squat them. Just find a way around it."

"Squat the weakness out of them."

By the minute: 

Lift weights, read, and write (0:20)

Jim as a football and strength coach (2:30)

The training philosophy of Jim Wendler (3:39)

Trends in training and nutrition (5:30)

High school athlete training: squat out the weakness and earn the barbell (7:22)

Don't coach or program something that you don't know (10:39)

Organization (12:25)

Planning ahead (14:19)

Working with the sport coach (16:23)

How training revolves around balance (17:20)

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