If you haven't had a chance to watch the first two presentations from the 2017 elitefts Sports Performance Summit, you can find each part of Buddy Morris' presentation here and each part of Dr. Eric Serrano's presentation here. For the next installment in the SPS series we have the presentation from Justus Galac. Galac is currently the head strength and conditioning coach of the New York Jets. Prior to joining the Jets, he had a successful tenure with the Villanova football team.

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In this first part of his presentation, Galac begins by briefly explaining his entrance into the strength and conditioning world and the way that he became familiar with elitefts. He shares the names of the most influential people of his career, as well as those he has turned to for knowledge and guidance over the years.

Galac then discusses several misconceptions about NFL strength and conditioning. He says that each of the following common beliefs is entirely false:

  • Players don't train.
  • Players do their own training.
  • Players don't work hard.
  • All players have huge egos.
  • You can't coach NFL players.

He then points out the goals of the team and addresses the difference between the obvious goals and the not-so-obvious goals for him and his staff. For instance, there are obvious goals such as preventing injuries, improving body composition, and improving strength and conditioning. However, there are also less obvious goals: creating a winning culture, teaching discipline, motivating the team to compete, establishing great work habits, experiencing adversity, and exposing character.

Galac goes into detail about each of these goals, explains why they're important to the team, and gives examples of the type of systems he has in place to help push the team toward achieving these goals. To help establish the culture and mentality he mentions, Galac also talks about weight room pride and the rules the team follows to build respect for the craft.

Finally, Galac gives a general overview of the team's off-season program and how he helps transitions his athletes into preparing for the competitive season, including the week-to-week progressions and the layout of an individual training session.

By the minute:

  • (1:02) Galac's background and biggest influences
  • (3:45) It's nice to be important, it's more important to be nice.
  • (7:15) Misconceptions about strength and conditioning in the NFL
  • (9:23) Goals for the team by the strength and conditioning staff
  • (13:33) Weight room pride
  • (15:30) Off-season and pre-season setup

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