Last year, we shared the story of Justin Kavanaugh ("Coach Kav") and his return to the elitefts S4 Compound. Earlier this month Coach Kav came to visit yet again — and this time he sat down with Dave and elitefts Editorial Intern Robert Cox for a Q&A session. Answering questioned submitted by elitefts readers via Instagram, Coach Kav's first topic was his social media presence:

"Why do you use so many quotes and slogans?"

If you want the simple answer, it's just who Coach Kav is. He does business coaching but what he's really about is motivating athletes through his role as a coach, and reminding people of the bigger perspective in life: whatever it is you're currently going through, you still have it pretty good, and you should remember that. You will experience bad things, but what Coach Kav wants to worry about is the end scenario and what really matters.

Coach Kav goes on to say that if you spend time with him and his guys, there will be 10 hours of bullshit and two minutes of really good shit that will excite someone and be exactly what some kid needs to hear. Of the thousands of social media followers, if there's even only one person that a post reaches, Coach Kav has accomplished his goal. Reaching one person at a legitimate level is more valuable to him than reaching five thousand at a superficial level.

This leads to Coach Kav's explanation of the difference between admiring a person and admiring the traits a person demonstrates. You don't have to idolize someone as a person to look up to specific qualities that person possesses. To demonstrate this point, Coach Kav shares a story of meeting one of his idols. As a middle school football player, Coach Kav coincidentally met Lawrence Taylor, his favorite NFL player, and it wasn't the best encounter of his life. Does that mean he had to stop liking Lawrence Taylor as a football player? Did that mean there was nothing about Lawrence Taylor that he could look to emulate or use to better himself? The lesson Coach Kav took from this particular experience was that he had to find a way to "flip the switch" and be like Lawrence Taylor on the field, but never like him off the field.

The quotes, slogans, and motivational phrases that Coach Kav shares are for one purpose: it takes a very small amount of effort but could make some kid's day. It could be exactly what they need to hear.

WATCH: Coach Kav Returns to the S4 Compound