A lot of lifters get speed bench wrong. It usually goes something like this:

You know you're supposed to do 8-12 sets of 3. You know to use three different grips. You know to use 40-60 percent of your one rep max plus chains or bands. You know to change the accommodating resistance and percentages between mesocycles.

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You know these things. But if you don't move the weight with as much force as possible, the sets, reps, and percentages don't matter. If you don't do a set every 45-60 seconds, it doesn't matter that you've loaded the bar correctly. Dynamic effort work isn't just about the plates on the bar or the accommodating resistance. It's about how you do it: with as much effort as possible. You have to move that motherfucker. You have to rest for less than a minute. Then you have to do it again.

In this video, Dave explains his current cycle of dynamic effort work and how it plays into the progression of his training. He demonstrates his sets and reps and the level of effort needed to reap the benefits of speed work.

  • Don't rest for longer than 45-60 seconds.
  • Your last set should be your best set.
  • Weight should always be near the 50% range
  • You should get more explosive every set until you can't move another set faster.


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