There’s one thing Dave Tate wants to make clear: You do not have to have chains and bands to do the conjugate method.

Also, while he’s at it, let’s drop chains out of the equation when it comes to answering the question: Who should and who should not use bands?

Tate is a tad hesitant to go off with his usual “it depends” answer, but it still kind of does depend on the situation. That said, what is wrong with a newbie doing stretches with bands? Pull aparts with bands? Bands for rear delts?

Technically, it isn’t wrong. In fact, a mini band on the bar — or even a broomstick — can do wonders for squatting posture and measuring tightness for beginners. Bands can make excellent training tools for beginners. Some of the best Tate says he’s ever used.

On the flipside, even the most experienced lifter can rely too much on bands, and as a result, lose the ability to stabilize the bar without bands. It’s rare, but it can happen, just as the occasional beginner can use mini bands as an aid.

These examples are just two outliers of hundreds of other ways to accomplish the same thing.

In sum: You cannot say if it’s good or bad without context of the situation. Every situation is different as are the tools available.

So yeah, it depends.

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