WATCH: Table Talk — How Can You Become Part of Team elitefts?

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What steps do you need to take to become an elitefts sponsored athlete? Total elite? Come to a seminar? Contribute to the Q&A? There's more to it than that.

In 18 years, there have been fewer than 150 elitefts team members come and go. That's less than 10 member each year — and those who were chosen each underwent an extensive vetting process, sometimes over the course of years.

Before you can know what elitefts looks for in a team member, you need to understand what a team is. Whether the team is in sports or in business, the most important things is to ensure that every member is different in his or her own way. Not everyone is going to get along, and that's good. You don't want like-minded people. You want people that think differently but have similar goals. Every person must bring something unique to the table.

An NFL team? Everyone wants to win the Super Bowl. But the defensive backfield doesn't need to be best friends with the offensive line — they just need to be able to work together to make it to the Super Bowl.

This is how elitefts works. You don't have to have the exact beliefs as the other team members; you just need to share the elitefts aim: Live, Learn, Pass On.

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