elitefts™ makes the finest products possible, from power racks and benches all the way down to apparel, wraps and promotional give-aways. We currently have a special (ending Wednesday at 2:00PM EST) in which every purchase over $24.95 gets a free elitefts™ red cup. While these may resemble the famous Red Solo Cup, our cup is a sturdy, reusable, solid beverage-holder, worthy of your choice of protein shake, water or draft beverage.

To display the difference, both in the elitefts™ red cup versus the Red Solo Cup (as well as the monolifts, benches, racks and gym equipment we make compared to our flimsy, poorly-designed competitors), we put them to the test. This video tells the tale!

This is NOT meant as an attack on the fine product Red Solo® Cups by Solo Cup Operating Corporation. They make a quality disposable drinking cup and the collapsibility of their cups is just one more excellent benefit when cleaning up after a party or family gathering.