Dr. Bryan Mann has spent his entire life involved in the world of strength: a powerlifter since 1996 and a strength and conditioning professional his entire working life, he has devoted a countless number of hours to this industry. He has multiple research publications to his name and has written three books, including The Complete Guide for Human Kinetics (with co-author Dan Austin). 

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These qualifications make Dr. Mann a highly-sought after thinker in strength and conditioning. He recently appeared on The CVASP Podcast with Jay DeMayo, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at The University of Richmond. Through their conversation. Dr. Mann and DeMayo discuss the recording and use of data (specifically for the vertical jump) with athletes at the collegiate or professional level.

  • (1:48) Body weight gain, vertical jump data, and why power output is the important variable
  • (4:50) The constant vs. controllable variables of vertical jumping
  • (6:11) Vertical jump power equations
  • (12:57) Relative power
  • (17:10) Standardizing scores with standard deviation
  • (23:40) The use of standardized scores — comparing everyone to everyone
  • (28:50) Weakness of this program
  • (33:22) Comparing allometric scores to relative scores
  • (38:36) Testing schedules and sports performance
  • (40:39) NSCA Event and New Orleans Conference

The CVASP Podcast: Episode 15 with Dr. Bryan Mann