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Recently I published a well-received article, Using Your Body's Mobility and Stability Mechanisms to Drive Performance. This article provided some excellent analogies to articulate the principals at play to drive the improved power transfer and increased distal mobility through focus on proximal stability. In the following four-part video series, I dive deeper into some specific approaches to accomplish this in practice and beyond just an academic discussion.

The first video in the series is another introductory discussion video. It is the beginning of a lecture I recently did for some DC students and Rehab2Performance members at UWS.  Due to the audience, I mostly speak to the topic of ‘treating’ the peripheral or the outputs of poor movement or inadequate proximal stability. In my seminar series and certifications I spend a great deal of time on the difference between ‘coaching’ the peripheral versus how to coach the operating mechanics of quality movement patterns.

In the next two videos I discuss techniques for improving, coaching, and cueing proximal stability. We have found that this focused attention has reduced both injuries in our athletes as well as improved performance. Even athletes that do this well naturally have shown improvement with purposeful focused efforts.

In this last video, Matt Vincent and I discuss coaching and power transfer as it relates to this discussion.

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