We get a lot of interesting emails from our customers, as each of you has different goals and backgrounds, but this request was a first for me. It came to me from Christopher DeBenedetto, and he tells me:

“Steve, I am an aspiring powerlifter, longtime fan of elitefts, and a bassist in an unsigned metal band that has released an album earlier this year, and we are currently writing new material while we promote the album. I was curious how it might be possible to have our music played at the compound?”

His band is called Framework, and is a death metal band based out of New Jersey. I did some searches and sampled their music (http://frameworknj.bandcamp.com/) and I have to tell you, these guys kick ass! Rather than just adding their music to our playlist while we train at the compound, I upped the stakes and asked, “How about you guys shoot a video of the band doing a live performance and we mix that in with footage of our team for an upcoming training compilation video?”

His reply? “That sounds awesome! We are totally on board with the idea and appreciate the offer, that is way more than I could have hoped for.”

What you see was shot (on their end) from a live Framework concert that took place back on Halloween and (on our end) from training sessions over January 10-12. Their music fits the spirit of hardcore training perfectly.

In this video, you will see brutal training clips with Brandon Smitley, John Meadows, Sheri Whetham, Ben Hartman, Yessica Martinez, Joe Schillero, Todd Brock, Alycia Israel, Fouad Abiad, Mario D’Amigo, Holly Joy McCabe, Ted Toalston, Dawn Hickman, Ken Jackson, Hannah Johnson-Hill, Christine Brass, Bruce Mason, Julia Ladewski, Ken Whetham and Meana Franco mixed in with the melodic bludgeoning artistry of Framework’s Glenn Ferguson (on vocals), Andrew Pevny and Devin DeCicco (on guitars), Chris DeBenedetto (on bass), and James Applegate (on drums). Rock on!