elitefts™ Crescent Skull PRO45 Blender Bottle

Size Does MATTER!  45oz container with a rounded base allows the Blenderball whisk to mix every last bit of powder, especially if you forget to add liquid first. GREAT for intra workout protocols! It's about getting every bit of protein powder into you body!

100 % of 100

elitefts™ Crescent Skull PRO 45oz Blender Bottle

Building off of the tried and true design of the BlenderBottle Classic, the Pro Series shaker offers unrivaled refinements that come specifically from customer feedback.  Hydration is important! Nobody disagrees with that, yet at the end of the day we all have one or maybe two empty 16 oz water bottles on our desk.  Why not start out the day with our 45oz water bottle filled to the brim and ensure your hydrated. Yes, you will be running to the bathroom 10x your normal day, but no worries, your on company time!


  • Rounded Base
  • Leak proof top
  • Protective Spoutguard
  • Blenderball wire whisk
  • Carry Loop
  • Stain & Odor Resistant
  • 45 oz
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