elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad Black

elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad

Save your shoulders while benching! 

  • Locks on the bar tightly
  • Portable!
  • Half-cylinder
  • Pad won’t collapse!

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elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad 

The elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad works like a 2-board press—without having someone hold the board or sticking it under your shirt. We have even seen people strap bands around themselves to hold the board to their chest. Guilty!

Besides the obvious benefit of better performance, while saving your shoulders, you will also benefit from handling heavier weights, working a targeted range of motion, and even for the pure physique enthusiast, taking drop sets to a whole new level!

More Benefits: 

  • Eliminate shoulder irritations as it allows the movement to be trained, assisting with rehabilitation.
  • Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that bottom position of the lift limits the amount of weight you can lift.  By using the elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad, you can focus on overloading your lockout and triceps, promoting growth and getting stronger!
  • The design of this high-density, half-cylinder pad grips the bar tightly for no rotation and no collapsing. With that said, the pad can rotate if you purposefully rotate it—especially useful if you’re sharing the bar with a lifter that doesn’t want to use the pad.

How is the elitefts™ Shoulder Saver™ Pad different than a 2-board press?

With a wooden board, the weight from the barbell (when on the board) gets displaced throughout the length and width of the board. You ever see those with 4-foot boards? Yes, at the bottom the weight does displace all the way to the end of the board. This has great applications but needs to be accounted for. The displacement with the shoulder saver is much less because it's rounded. This is why it was designed this way instead of squared off.

The rounded aspect also makes “heaving” the bar off the chest much harder to do because when the lifter tries to pause and sink the bar (setting up the heave) the pad will begin to roll, stopping the lifter from doing it. Heaving is easier to do off a board than off the body.

Fun Fact: Dave Tate ran over a prototype with his Jeep... and it survived! 


  • Individual unit
  • Measurement 11" (27.9cm) x 5" (12.7cm)
  • Synthetic Cover
  • High-density pad
  • Color: Black with elitefts logo

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