Fat Gripz Extreme

All of the benefits of Fat Gripz, with a more extreme circumference!

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One of the benefits to being the #1 retailer of a product is that you get to be the first to test out all the distributor's upgrades and new items. The first week of May we were sent a prototype of the Fat Gripz to test. This version was different in color but, more importantly, thicker.

The first thing we did after these came in was give the pair to our founder and supreme meathead, Dave Tate. This is what he had to say about the Fat Gripz Extreme:

I was given the Fat Gripz Extreme a couple months ago and, being a fan of all types of grips, I have learned one critical thing. Each type of grip works differently. Some work better with certain movements while others are better suited for different applications. Some grips work better with some methods of training while others don't fair so well. For example, I do not like the Grip4orce for JM Press while the Fat Gripz are excellent for this movement. I like the Grip4orce much better for barbell curls but the Fat Gripz are better for pressing movements. This list goes on and on and is why we have several pair of each type of grips in our gym.

This is what I have found with the Fat Gripz Extreme. First, these are closer to a real fat bar than all of the other grips. The other grips, while they do make the bar fatter, do not fatten the bar up enough to have what I consider the desired effects of fat bar training. This is not saying these grips do not have great training effects, they do, but I never felt they were close to any of the original fat bars I have in the gym.

The Fat Gripz Extremes are thicker allowing the weight to disperse better throughout the joints compared to the others. This means less shoulder and elbow pain.

What movements did I find these worked best with?

* All pressing movements

* Rope Extensions

* Straight Bar Curls

* Cross Body Dumbbell Extensions

* Side Dumbbell Raises

* Rear Dumbbell Raises

* Pronated Kickbacks

* Close Grip Pull Downs

* Any Type of Fly

I also found these to be an effective aid with teaching those who can't keep their upper back tight when squatting. For this, I had them do half of their warm-up sets with the Gripz on the bar (where their hands go) and then take them off for the last warm up and work sets. This created a situation where they wee able to lock their upper back in MUCH tighter than before.

For Grip work, these are also great for Barbell and Dumbbell Holds, One-Arm Rows and Overhead Hanging.

I have also found these great for rolling of the IT band; MUCH better than any foam or other type of roller I have ever used.

MY TAKE AWAY My take away statement is these are the best grips I have ever used. While they all serve slightly different purposes these Fat Gripz Extremes have more uses than all the others combined.

If you are looking to add variety to your training, work around minor shoulder/elbow aches, and increase neuro-muscular activation, give FAT GRIPZ EXTREME a try!

General Info

* FAT GRIPZ EXTREME are a unique training device that simply wraps around standard barbells, dumbbells and cable attachments instantly converting them into thick bars.

* FAT GRIPZ EXTREME are made from a high performance proprietary compound which makes them ROCK SOLID on the bar! They are designed to have no “give” or slippage whatsoever and to maintain the thick bar shape at all times so you can even bench really heavy with them.

* They are small, light and fully portable so you can take them with you to train anywhere.

* Sold as a pair. Each FAT GRIPZ EXTREME is 5 inch long and about 2.75 diameter. Comes in one color (ORANGE).

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