In the fall of 2011, Victoria attended a Learn to Train seminar hosted by elitefts looking to expand her knowledge about training, technique and athletic performance. However, what she endured far exceeded her wildest expectations. The speakers, environment, energy, humility and passion were unlike anything she had previously experienced and immediately afterwards, Victoria knew elitefts was going to a play a bigger role in her life than she ever anticipated:

 This seminar was a defining point in my journey. The role that it played in where I am, and who I am today is undeniable. Dave's relentless authenticity and passion for education continues to shape, inspire and influence me personally and professionally.

Her speech on March 10 is one way in which she feels she can support the values, mission and legacy of elitefts and thank CEO Dave Tate for all that he has done for her and all he has done (continues to do) for the strength and conditioning community. Victoria feels humbled and honored to give a speech on behalf of a company so near and dear to her heart:

I can't put into words how much it means to me to have been asked to be apart of the Sports Performance Summit

Victoria’s speech will outline different functional strategies for athlete health, hormones and nutrition. She'll touch on variables that aren’t frequently discussed when it comes to performance such as the use of O.C. in women, digestion, microbiome and therapeutic nutrition (such as managing inflammation), sleep hygiene and the importance of managing circadian.

There is still time to purchase tickets here!

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