Arnold Strongman Offers $50,000 for Breaking Deadlift Record

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If you think that a title alone isn't enough to make you want to break a world record, think again.

The Arnold Strongman Classic is offering $5,000 to anyone who breaks a world record — plus their performance will be sent to the Guinnes Book of Records.

Here are the events and records to beat:

  • Rogue Elephant Bar: 1,041 pounds (472.19 kilograms)
  • Stone to Shoulder with Odd Haugen Tombstone: 4 reps
  • Dinnie Stone Hold: 31.36 seconds
  • Women's Max Overhead Dumbbell Lift: 120 pounds
  • Women's Stone Over Bar for Reps: 324.5-pound (174.19 kilograms) stone for 2 reps
  • Inch Dumbbell Carry for Distance: 123 feet and 1 inch (37 meters) with 2-inch (2.08 centimeter) dumbbells
  • Cyr Dumbbell Overhead: 312 pounds (141.52 kilograms) for 1 rep
  • Men's Weight Throw (56 pounds/25 kilograms) for Height: 20 feet (6.06 meters)

And as a huge bonus, any competitor who breaks the deadlift barrier of 1,102.31 pounds (500 kilograms) will win $50,000.

However, this isn't a prize that comes without controversy.

In 2014, Eddie Hall, who's with Giants Live (World's Strongest Man) federation, participated in the deadlift championship for Europe's World's Strongest Man. Before that competition started, the deadlift world record was 1,016 pounds (461 kilograms). Then, Benedikt Magnusson broke it at 1,018.5 pounds (462 kilograms).

Then Hall was up to bat. He followed Magnusson with the same weight. For a moment, he was a world record deadlifter... until the referee gave him the down signal. Instead of lowering the bar down, Hall let it drop. The ref made a call of "no lift" and Hall was no longer tied for a world record deadlift.

After that, Hall took some time off, and eventually, he ended up making a financial deal for an undisclosed amount of money. The deal? He had to come back in a year and pull 1,102.31 pounds (500 kilograms) on a regular deadlift bar.

Against all odds, Hall did it in 2016, though he nearly killed himself in deadlifting that amount on a regular deadlift bar. He still holds the world record.

Here's where things get controversial. Though the Arnold is encouraging people to beat Hall's deadlift record, there's a catch: the bar that will be used for this deadlift.

Hall used a normal deadlift bar; the Arnold's bar is different in that it's longer than that. Thing is, that bar is so long that it would completely change the lift from what Hall's lift did. Essentially, you can't say one lifter is heavier than the other because they're completely different lifts.

Interestingly enough, The Arnold is a federation that competes with Giants Live (WSM).

Still, the prize money is nothing to sneeze at, but what should matter in this competition is that someone wins. Even if someone were to deadlift more than Hall's world record weight, they are likely to lose the rest of the competition.

Special thanks to Clint Darden for the news tip and information.

Featured photo screenshot courtesy of XPC Powerlifting and The Arnold Sports Festival

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