The Bears recently fired head strength coach, Jason George, and assistant strength coach, Rick Perry, following a two-year stretch in which 37 Bear’s were placed on injured reserve. Finding a new strength coach is a top priority for the Bears this offseason and two upcoming 2018 elitefts Sports Performance Summit speakers could potentially fill that void.

The Chicago Bears are one of the most storied NFL franchises with more Hall of Fame inductees, more jersey retirements and more victories than any other team in history. Chicago itself is the third largest city in America filled with multiple sights and numerous attractions. Landing a job with the Chicago Bears is a very enticing offer.

Sportsmockery writer Erik Lambert, who has been covering the Bears extensively for the past decade, released a report last week suggesting that Tom Myslinski and Joe Kenn might be on a short list of candidates to fill the Bears strength coach vacancy. Tom Myslinski is the head strength coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and has been in the NFL for over two decades now as a coach and player. He has spent the past seven years with the Jaguars after spending three seasons with the Cleveland Browns. On the other hand, Joe Kenn is the head strength coach for the Carolina Panthers and in 2016 was named NFL Strength Coach of the Year. He has been a coach in the NFL for 7 years, was a part of the Carolina Panthers Super Bowl team in 2015 and has also authored two books.

A more indebt look into Myslinski and Kenn’s history, background and accomplishments, check out the details of our upcoming 2018 elitefts Sports Performance Summit.

Very rarely does the opportunity present itself in which you get to hear and interact with two highly sought after strength coaches on the same day. However, the 2018 elitefts Sports Performance Summit allows for that very opportunity. Tom Myslinski and Joe Kenn will be speaking on eliteft’s behalf on Saturday March 10, 2018 at Ohio State University’s Fawcett Center. Early bird registration is going on now until February 4th. This is an event you do not want to miss!


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