Adding to his growing collection of strength training products, Brian Schwab announced today the release of a new personally-designed product.

The OBB Power Handles were intially designed to help powerlifters with tight shoulders, but Schwab and his crew at Orlando Barbell quickly discovered they had numerous uses. Schwab posted a breakdown of his product on Facebook today:

Check out my new product: The OBB Power Handles (patent pending) which will be available on Elitefts soon! David Tate said he REALLY likes this idea, so I hope you feel the same. Thanks to OBB’s April Henderson-Harper for always helping to promote my products! Look for a better video to be coming from my buddy Tyler Marino and Nebula Productions, LLC soon!

The OBB Power Handles (patent pending) were designed by EliteFTS sponsored Powerlifter and the owner of Orlando Barbell, Brian Schwab, to be used for hundreds of purposes for lifters. The handles were originally designed to secure to the bar for lifters who have tight shoulders with accompanying difficulty placing their hands behind the bar for squats. They can be used as safety squat handles, cambered bar handles and front squat handles. They can also be attached to dumbbells to be used for numerous other exercises including farmer's walk, upside down pressing motions for stability work, grip flexion and extension, limited range floor press and tricep extensions, and much, much more. Any exercises performed with dumbbells can be made more effective through the use of the OBB Power Handles.

More announcements to come as the product nears release on