elitefts coach and doctor, Jordan Shallow is no slouch when it comes to busting his ass in the gym. So often we find the world of training, fitness, and social media hiding in the weeds of fancy pictures, overly drawn-out captions, and frivolous mantras when it comes to training and "putting in the work" or "paying your dues".

The fact of the matter is, that there are more people out there talking about doing the work, talking about changing lives, and talking about "paying their dues" than actually doing any of it.

There are more people out there worrying about the number of likes that they get over how they can help the people right in front of them.

There are more people out there who worry about how heavy they go for their feed rather than truly making the decisions in their lives that lead to success in their sport.

You see if you are an athlete, a coach, or just an avid meathead who is looking to improve yourself or those around you, you need to focus on one thing that Jordan nails in the following post.

Well done over well said.

Spend less time talking about it and more time being about it.

If you do that a few things will happen.

First, you will notice how much farther you get and how much better you become.

Lastly, you will realize how little time there is to talk about doing the thing when you are busy doing the damn thing.

-Sam Brown
Director of Performance elitefts

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