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I've been competing for fifteen years now from my very first show to today and there is only one thing I regret in all that time; not enjoying the process more.
I don't mean a bunch of fluff by saying that. I don't mean I should've enjoyed starving, being tired, losing shows, etc. I mean just enjoying the process everyday of training my ass off and enjoying being a bodybuilder.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the winning and losing game that we forget what we're doing while doing it. I used to focus for hours on things I was missing and it used to get me down. Now finally after all this time I've learned to avoid getting emotional about it and just keep working to make it better.
If you have small calves, quads, arms, whatever it is, don't sit and agonize over the shit. Devise a plan and do something about it, and if it's not getting better then make everything else so great that it doesn't become an issue anymore.

In essence, I'm saying learn to live with what you're given and do your fuckin best to make what you've been given the best it can be. Don't just sit and cry about it like a bitch, I've done that and it doesn't help I promise you. - Fouad Abiad

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