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Elitefts is proud to announce the addition of Dani Overcash as the newest team member and columnist for

We first met Dani at the Powerlifting Experience II and over the course of the weekend became very impressed by her. As an attendee, she was there to be assessed, receive coaching criticism, and learn new techniques to improve her squat, bench, and deadlift. She did just that. As most experiences end there, hers did not. Guided by her extensive practical and academic background, the next few hours were spent discussing elements of healing and biomechanics with Dave, recommending several things for him to consider to optimize range of motion and tendon strength.

A recent Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate from Duke University, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and raw powerlifter, Dani is using her column to empower and inspire athletes to be their best.

"My heart in this is to get people moving at their best, because I believe how we feel physically plays a huge role in the posturing of our hearts and how we interact with people, which ultimately drives culture."

At a bodyweight of 123 pounds, her best meet lifts are a 308-pound squat, 155-pound bench, and a 402-pound deadlift. She is currently chasing a 1000-pound raw total at 123.

Check out Dani's most recent article collection published on elitefts by visiting her author page.  Current articles include: