In addition to newly added team members Mario D'Amico and Christian Anto, elitefts welcomes Tarra Oravec to elitefts. We're excited to see her perspective on powerlifting as she trains to soar the female powerlifting ranks. Through Tarra's log, see how 5thSet programming comes to life and how it works for the female powerlifter. Interview with Tarra coming soon!

From Swede Burns' perspective, read how she was presented with sponsorship: 

Okay, so we kept this completely secret. Not even the other lifters at Keyhole Barbell knew about this, not even the guys who came to train at the compound today. (This was very hard for me to keep to myself.)

David Tate wanted this to be a total surprise and I would say that worked out.

Tarra thought she was being interviewed about powerlifting, because she got done training first. When Dave gave her the list of questions to look over, it simply read "welcome to team Elitefts."

Having one of my lifters get signed was on par with when I got signed in terms of excitement for me. Great day all around.


 Tarra reflects...

Today probably comes in top five for one of the best days of my life. I've been looking forward to a trip to the compound to train and was so excited. Turns out I got a little more than just a training session in today. I've worked really hard and I've been waiting for a long time for this and today it finally happened. About a year ago I filled out the application for sponsorship and all along thought I was being overlooked...but really I was just being watched. I am forever grateful for the opportunity and I'm so excited for my future as a team #elitefts athlete