We received the following email  from father, coach, and valued customer Doug Nostrant.  We share this email (with permission from Doug) to showcase how team members part of elitefts are more than just impressive numbers on a platform.

Hope this finds you well. Wanted to let you know how much influence you and elitefts have made on not only my son but my entire high school powerlifting program. This year we had two repeat state champions, five top-three, and all my guys medaled.
Between the articles, training blogs, Facebook posts, equipment and world-class team athletes, you have helped create a championship environment and growing, positive lifting culture.
My son Dylan repeated as the 175-pound Ohio State champion with a 620-pound squat (state record), 350-pound bench press (state record) and a 530-pound deadlift—a 1500-pound total (state record).
His journey really began at the Learn to Train Seminar three seasons ago. Steve [Goggins], Ed Coan, Matt Kroc, Matt Wenning, among others, have  all played a major role in his determination of being the best high school lifter in the state. Pound for pound he did it!
A special mention to Casey Williams, my sons role model. Casey has become Dylan's favorite lifter at any level and plans to follow his footsteps by playing tailback for Baldwin-Wallace University in the fall. Casey exemplifies what it means to be a class act. He makes elitefts look good!
Much appreciated. Thank you,
Doug Nostrant

This is great to hear! Very happy to read this. Your son couldn’t have picked a better lifter to look up to. Having known Casey for many years now, he is the real deal.