The elitefts compound has become the go-to spot for photo shoots. The reasons? 1) Location. We are located just a half-hour from the Arnold Classic. 2) We are an invite-only gym, so photographers don't need to worry about gym members wandering into their lighting equipment. 3) MOST importantly... the gym is the definition of hardcore!

Joe Volgey, Evogen's Director of Marketing says, "Your gym has the environment that matches our brand." Joe has a long-standing reputation for quality work in the sports supplement industry, and stopped out at elitefts™ a day prior to the shoot under the excuse of checking things out ahead of time. If you ask me, he really came out here to train, because he lives the lifestyle himself.

In this shoot, athletes Daniella Vaughan, Jeremy Buendia, Fiona Harris and Justin Compton are all being photographed on elitefts™ racks and equipment. Company founder, Hany Rambod and Volgey are supervising the shoot.

Rambod adds that he liked the elitefts™ gym because, "It has a very authentic, non-contrived feel to it." This shoot followed a very successful booth at the Arnold Expo and Rambod said that the launch of their new protein powder was also a huge success.

Look for these photos to show up online and in magazine ads over the coming months.